MFJCF was been contacted to do the grief counselling in National Institute of Medical Sciences, Kukas, Jaipur. Five  members of MFJCF and staff reached to the hospital as per the information provided by NIMS Hospital.MFJCF members conducted a grief counseling session with kin of the Brain dead.They agreed and the donation process started on time. MFJCF members expertly checked the donation formalities and supported the Hospital staff regarding process and motivated them to support further for such cases of counselling. This initiative aimed to provide essential emotional support and guidance to individuals and families dealing with the challenges of loss. It was the  54th  Organ donation happened in Rajasthan on 23rd  Nov.,2023.For the first time 5 green corridors were maintained simultaneously in Jaipur to send organ at different destinations.Below are the details regarding donor.

Donor name- Vineet Kumar

Age -28

Village – Kalgaon,Tijara, Alwar

Donor body was wrapped in Organ Donar flag after donation. MFJCF Members attended  and supported the farewell of Vineet  Kumar from NIMS Hospital as well.

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