•The fundamental purposes of Islamic law is the preservation of life. Allah greatly rewards those who save the life of others.

•Organ donation must be given freely without reward, trading in organs is prohibited

      This is supported by Muslim scholars from some of the most prestigious academies of the Muslim world who call upon Muslims to donate organs for transplantation.

These include:

– the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organisation of Islamic Conference

(representing all Muslim countries)

– the Grand Ulema Council of Saudi Arabia

– the Iranian Religious Authority

-the Al-Azhar Academy of Egypt

(Source: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/helping-you-to-decide/your-faith-and-beliefs/)

Organ transplantation is a means of

alleviating pain or saving life on the

basis of the rules of the Shariah

(Muslim Council of Britain)

• Muslims may carry donor cards

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