August 13, 2017    
12:00 am

On 13.08.2017 MFJCF- Navjeevan team celebrated World Organ Donation day at Central Park, Jaipur.


An information desk was set up. More than 350 people inquired about brain death & organ donation to MFJCF members.


Mr. Prajesh Taneja, Mrs. Renu Uba, Mrs. Kamla Chaudhary, Mr. P.C Jain and Mr. Pawan Dubey represented the MFJCF Team.


Many evening walkers asked questions during their visit

1.     What is brain death?

2.     Can we donate organ when we are alive?

3.     How will MFJCF people know about my death?


All the satisfactory answers were given by MFJCF- Navjeevan members which was highly appreciated by the visitors. 100 visitors took the donor cards and posed with message board “I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION”

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