December 20, 2015    
12:00 am


As Christmas is around the corner, St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Jaipur organized Mega Jubilee Fair on 20thDecember, 2015. Taking the advantage of opportunity to interact with huge crowd, MFJCF team setup an awareness stall in school premises.

The team distributed information brochures and pamphlets to the visitors. Some people came at the counter and asked about brain death and organ transplant concepts. Some queries we solved were “What benefit our family will get after donating my organs”  “If I would pass away in another state then who will get my organs” “What is the procedure of Organ Allocation”?

Many visitors came forward to support and their photos were taken with the  message board “I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION”. We hope that these efforts will encourage common people to pledge for organ donation which help to promote the Cadaveric Organ Transplantation Program in Rajasthan.

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