August 21, 2014    
12:00 am

On 14 August 2014 an awareness talk was  organized on Organ & Tissue Donation for the staff of  Hindustan Petroleum in Jaipur.  The session was conducted  by Anita Sangwan  and other members assisting were Ravi Kamra, Amarjeet Sangwan, 20 officers from the compant attended the session. In her talk Anita spoke on Organ donation and eye donation.  The Q-Ans session  was handled by all 3 members. OD cards and  information leaflets were given.


The GM requested for another workshop with family of staff to sensitise them too. They will finalise date and give call to MFJCF. All except one had not even pledged eyes for donation. The  new concept for them was  well received.  The participants  wanted to take a decision talking with family. Two showed an interest in joining us as volunteers.

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