May 16, 2021    
12:00 am

On 16th May 2021, Ms. Bhavna Jagwani, Convener of MFJCF and Mr. Ravi Kamra Member, MFJCF were invited for a talk on organ donation by the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation on Facebook Live. The awareness talk featured on the Foundation’s weekly episode of Hamara Rajasthan Saksham Rajasthan. Ms. Jagwani and Mr. Kamra talked about what inspired them to start MFJCF in Jaipur and how to motivate the youth to support and contribute to such a noble cause.

Ms. Jagwani shared her inspiration behind starting Jaipur’s first eye bank in 2002, and her journey from there to starting the deceased organ donation programme in Jaipur. She also shared her various experiences with donor families and what keeps her motivated to continue working for the cause.

Mr. Ravi Kamra shared his thoughts on how to motivate and inspire youth to engage with the cause. He also shared how MFJCF is working to spread awareness about organ donation since years.

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