October 2, 2021    
12:00 am

On 2nd October 2021, MFJCF was invited by Smt. Neetu Gurjar Memorial Trust to put up an organ donation stall at a blood donation camp at Kayasthon Ki Bagichi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in Jaipur.

Around 200 people visited the blood donation camp and a total of 50 units of blood was donated. S.S. Blood Bank was responsible for blood collection. As a souvenir, the blood donors received a helmet and a picture of Lord Devnarayana from the trust.

People visited the organ donation stall were given information about the following:

  • How can one become a donor?
  • What organs can be donated?
  • Is family consent necessary at the time of donation?
  • Whom to contact for organ donation in case of brain death?

Around 100 people also picked up organ donor cards after pledging. Information flyers were distributed to the people visiting the stall. MFJCF is grateful for Smt. Neetu Gurjar Memorial Trust for the opportunity.

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