December 22, 2021    
12:00 am

National NGO Forum of India (NNFI) invited MFJCF for a national webinar on ‘Organ Donation in India’ for their members. NNFI is a newly formed national body where NGOs from all around India join and discuss the issues they face in their daily operations. NGOs from around India collaborate to help each other.

Mr. Ravi Kamra from MFJCF was the key speaker for the program. He began by introducing himself and MFJCF. He then spoke on the following topics:

  • What is organ donation?
  • Who can be an organ donor?
  • What organs and tissues can be donated?
  • When can organs be donated?
  • How to pledge to be an organ donor?
  • Myths and facts about organ donation

He stressed to the audience that the current status of organ donation in India can only be improved by making it a topic of constant discussion. He shared the national organ donation helpline number: 1800 103 7100 and urged the participants to use it.

The participants asked questions like:

1.     Whom to contact when we want to donate organs?

2.     Is there any organization that works in Lucknow for organ donation?

3.     What is the time limit for organ donation?

The participants were satisfied with the answers of Mr. Kamra. The QR code for organ donor pledge was shared with the participants. A total of 20 members who attended the talk pledged for organ donation.

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