November 19, 2015    
12:00 am

On invitation by Rotary Club, Midtown Jaipur, MFJCF volunteers organised a talk on Deceased Organ Donation. It was held at Grand Uniara, Trimurti circle, Jaipur on 19th Nov, 2015 Thursday. Approx 30 members attended the awareness program & all of them filled organ pledge form after a presentation by Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan.

All the people were very interested to know more about brain death and deceased organ donation. They asked many questions like what is the difference between cardiac death & brain death, what is live donation, who can donate their organs, can a cancer patient donate their organs.

Regards and gratitude to Mrs. Kiran Poddar, President and Mrs. Sushma Bajaj, secretary of Rotary Club Midtown Jaipur  for this opportunity which will help to forge ahead the ‘Organ donation’ in Rajasthan.

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