August 26, 2017    
12:00 am

MFJCF (M​OHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizens Forum), in association with Clark’s Amer Hotel, and the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation  organized an Organ-Donation Sensitization and Awareness Campaign for School children of Jaipur, on Saturday 26th August 2017​


MFJCF believes that it is vital to acquaint the youth of the city with the pressing need for more citizens to become Organ Donors. It is this philosophy that made the NGO conceive a w​orkshop where more than 20 Schools of Jaipur are invited.


With the participation of 3 students and 2 teachers from each school, the program begun at 9am with an introduction by city-based Educationist and MFJCF volunteer Mr.Sandeep  Sethi. The eager audience, mainly comprising of high school students, introduced to the ethos & importance of Organ Donation by Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan. Followed by a screening of the Naseeruddin Shah & Ratna Pathak starer Organ Donation themed film, ‘Phir Zindagi’. The film is an ideal orientation to the young audience into the world of Organ Donation.


Following this, Jaipur-based Educationist & Communications Consultant Kartik Bajoria gave a presentation on how to make Short Films & Posters, discussing key aspects of these two art forms, and tips and tricks on how to make effective communication material, on a shoestring budget.


The gathering was addressed by Miss Arti Prasad, a well known Art teacher of Jaipur, who will share valuable insights into how to approach the subject of Organ Donation through art. The program, supported by Clark’s Amer Hotel, see the presence of renowned society people including MFJCF’s own Mrs.Bhavna Jagwani, (convenor) the creative force behind these programs.


The children in attendance are to return to their schools, and over a period of a month, will develop Awareness Material in the form of Posters & Short Films, which will dispel the many myths associated with Organ Donation, call for citizens to become donors, and educate the public about various facets of Organ Donation. The material will then be converted into a Travelling Exhibition, be exhibited at the City Palace and selected Films & Posters will apart from being screened at the trauma ward S.M.S. Hospital will find pride of place at key Organ Donation offices. Sensitization, Awareness, and a Call To

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