September 7, 2018    
12:00 am

On 07 September 2018 MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum -Navjeevan team conducted an awareness talk on organ donation at St Wilfred Post Graduate College, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

St. Wilfred’s P.G. College, a Premier Institute of Rajasthan is firmly rooted and has been verdantly bloomed since its Foundation in July 2001. It adopts an interactive approach in teaching which enhances creative thinking, analytical findings and effective communication skills. Keeping at pace with globalization and resurgence of an open economy, the college tries to equip the students with information and training in entrepreneurship skills and communication.

Dr. Amla Batra, Mrs. Hemlata Shah, Mr. PC Jain and Mr. Pavan Kumar Dubey represented the MFJCF team.

Mrs. Anupama Parasar ,Principal, along with 150 students attended the session and invited Dr. Amla Batra to deliver the speech on organ donation.

During the presentation Dr. Amla Batra covered following points.

1. Causes of Brain Death.

2. Difference between cardiac and brain death.

3. Types of organ donor.

4. Brief about organ donors of Rajasthan.


Some questions were asked and answered by MFJCF team members.

1. Who will declare brain dead to a patient?

2. Who bears the expenses of transplantation?

3. What is a donor card?


After the session MFJCF members presented the donor memorial calendar to Principal and all students posed with organ donation message board moreover promised to spread awareness amongst family and friends.

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