August 12, 2018    
12:00 am

On 12th Aug 2018, MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum- Navjeevan team set an information desk on organ donation at Central Park, Jaipur and aware morning walker about the noble cause of organ donation.

Colonel Sunil Dhir, Dr. Hivani Sharma, Dr. Amla Batra, Mr. Prajesh Taneja, Mr. Govind Gurbani, Mr. PC Jain, Colonel Lokesh Shukla, Mr Pavan Kumar Dubey and Ms. Rajula Loona represented the MFJCF team.

Centre of attraction was the “Superman” cut out holding organ donation message board, morning walker appreciated it so much and posed with the cut out to support organ donation.

Some visitors approached MFJCF members and took Brochure, Donor cards moreover asked some questions.

  1. How can we become and organ donor?
  2. How organ donation will help others?
  3. What is brain death?

After the session more than 100 people picked up the donor cards and promised to spread awareness in family and friends.

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