January 2, 2022    
12:00 am

An information desk was put up at the Blood 365 Days blood donation camp by Mr. Deepak Tatiya of MFJCF for a period of two weeks. The staff of the blood bank and blood donors were given information about organ donation and transplantation.

While visiting the desk, people asked the following questions:

  • How can one become a donor?
  • What organs can be donated?
  • Is family consent necessary at the time of donation?
  • Whom to contact in case someone wants to donate organs?
  • How long can the organs be stored before transplantation?

All the questions were satisfactorily answered by Mr. Deepak Tatia. He also shared the organ donation helpline number:1800 103 7100 with everyone who enquired about the cause. Around 50 people were reached through the information desk, out of which 35 pledged their organs and picked up their donor cards.

MFJCF is grateful to Blood 365 Days for providing us space to set up the information desk.

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