March 11, 2017    
12:00 am

On 11 March 2017 Holi Punarjeevan Get Together was held at Jai Club, Jaipur by MFJCF-Navjeevan. Recipients from different hospitals, Doctors from Sawai Mansingh Hospital and Brain Death Optimization team Members attended the program.


A Registration counter was set outside the conference room where every Recipient got registered.

Mr. Prabodh Chand Jain, spokesperson Navjeevan welcomed each volunteer and Doctors and asked Mrs. B​h​avna Jagwani, Dr. Manish Sharma and Dr. Jitendra Hingonia to chair the session.


Mrs. Bhavna Jagwani appreciated the work of SMS hospital doctors and thanked every recipients for attending the program. Dr. Manish Sharma also appreciated the efforts of optimization team and introduced every member to the audience.


Dr. V.D Sinha, Dr. Vinay Tomar and Dr. Jitendra Hingonia also addressed the audience and told how difficult the work is to declare somebody Brain Dead. All doctors thanked MFJCF family for initiat​ing

the c​Adaver transplant program in Rajasthan.


After the talk MFJCF members put the Chandan T​ilak on forehead of Recipients, Doctors, Optimization team members and Media person. Snehal daughter of recipient told audience that how her father got the kidney and thanked MFJCF team for their efforts.


​This programme was one of a kind get together for r​ecipients and they really enjoyed and understood the work done by many people prior to getting their ‘Gift of Life’​. MFJCF team is thankful to Dr. V.D Sinha who gave a donation of Rs. ​21000 for the noble cause.  65 people attended the program. ​

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