December 26, 2016 - December 27, 2016    
12:00 am

MFJCF Navjeevan team conducted an Organ Donation Helpline training for 104/108 staff at Swasthy Bhawan under the aegis of MOHAN Foundation and National Health Mission. This was done in two sessions on 26th & 27th December 2016 in the meeting hall of the Swasthy Bhawan.  Three members of MFJCF – Dr Sanjana Bhojwani, Mrs. Ranju Jain and Mr. Roshan Bahadur; and Dr Hemal from MOHAN Foundation Chennai conducted the training.

On 26th December 2016, 22 candidates participated in the training.  It began with an introduction on the need for the training followed by a pre training survey. Dr. Sanjana Bhojwani explained the concept of organ donation and brain death through a powerpoint presentation which was highly appreciated by the participants. A short movie on brain death was shown to the trainees.

Dr. Hemal Kanvinde (MOHAN Foundation) distributed training manuals to the participants and explained “how to answer a call?”.  She showed some audio tapes of typical calls that have been answered by the MOHAN Foundation organ donation helpline in the past 4 years. After that Dr. Hemal started a quiz round and asked participants to fill the post training survey.  Every candidate had to undergo a MCQ test to gauge their understanding of the concept. At the end the candidates filled a training evaluation form.

On 27th December 2016, 15 candidates participated in training. After the pre training introduction and survey, Mrs. Ranju Jain gave a wonderful presentation about the Organ Donation, Brain Death and work done by MFJCF. After the talk a brain death video was played by Dr. Hemal which was very effective.

Dr. Hemal conducted a Q&A session from queries put in a box and asked participants to pick one chit and answer the questions. More than 22 questions were asked and answered by the candidates with supplementary information given by Mr. Roshan Bahadur and Dr. Hemal.   After this, a quiz on organ donation and a MCQ test was conducted to emphasise the information given to the candidates.

After the training session participants filled the training evaluation form and post survey form. A group photograph was clicked with the message board of Organ Donation. The suggestions we got during the 104/108 Training evaluation are as follows:-

1.       To enhance the noble cause we should conduct  training camp at rural areas, schools and colleges

2.       The cause should be highlighted through social media

3.       We can train people to take organ donation helpline calls on their mobile phones

4.       We should organize such campaigns at the national level with the help of media

There was discussion on matching of organs, cross matching, organ allocation, transplant centres, transport of organs to Delhi and help from MFJCF.

We are really very thankful to the National Health Mission that they initiated and gave us opportunity to train 104/108 staff for Organ Donation Helpline.            

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