December 26, 2016    
12:00 am

MFJCF set up an awareness stall at Christmas Carnival of Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur on 26th December 2015. It is a renowned annual carnival which includes large number of food, fun, fashion stalls with exhilarating music and rides opposite Hotel Rambagh.

Thousands of people from all over Jaipur came there to entertain themselves so  the team got a chance to interact with the crowd. Mrs. Jayshree Periwal, Head of School and member of MFJCF also gave the message “Organ Donor Be A Life Saver” with the logo of MFJCF on entry tickets, further reinforcing the cause.


There was frequent announcement by coordinators throughout the day to request the crowd that they can register themselves for organ donation at MFJCF stall which encouraged the visitors. Many people came forward and enquired about organ donation and filled the pledge form. Some also asked for online registration.

The full day carnival gave us a chance to spread awareness of Cadaveric organ transplant & to involve common people in the noble cause of “Gift a Life”.

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