April 26, 2014    
12:00 am

MOHAN Foundation conducted a day long training for the members of Jaipur Citizen Forum (JCF) on April 24, 2014 who will be involved in promoting Deceased Organ Donation in Jaipur in association with MOHAN Foundation. All 17 individuals who have been identified to be a part of the MF-JCF initiative attended the training.


The objective of the workshop was to orient the members to various aspects of organ donation and brainstorm on critical subjects like Brain death, THO Act and other issues relevant to this partnership.


The training was organised at the head-office of Jaagruti Foundation, a very active Jaipur based NGO working on issues like child education, poverty eradication and cancer research.


The training was conducted by the team from Delhi-NCR office -Ms Pallavi Kumar (Exec Director Delhi-NCR), Dr. Muneet Kaur (Senior Transplant Coordinator) and Amit Kumar (Project Manager).


The group was given elaborate information on subjects such as brain death, THO Act and ways to generate public awareness. The various forms that are required and other documentation activities were discussed along with the best practices in organ donation. The film on brain death was shown.


Intense discussions took place on replicating the Tamil-Nadu model in Jaipur. Practicalities of making amendments and policy changes were explained as well as the difficulties faced by many ongoing programmes were also talked about in details. Ms Pallavi was asked to recommend suggestions on this pilot project and she shared common belief systems and myths surrounding the whole program in North India.


Dr. Muneet talked to them about the THOA act and helped them understand the intricacies of Brain death and its diagnosis. She also shared many of her ICU experiences with participants


JCF had taken care of all the logistics and maintained excellent hospitality towards the MF staff and presented beautiful mementos in the form of hand made Rajasthani umbrellas with personalized message,” Happy to be under the MF-JCF umbrella”.

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