August 13, 2016    
12:00 am

After seven days of successful campaigning of organ donation, 13thof  ​August was ​celebrated as world organ donation day by Navjeevan Team.  More than 50 people from Dominos Pizza made a circle holding banner and cutouts of organ donation in their hand and chanted “EK KHAMOSHI ANEK MUSKAN AAO KA​REIN ANGDAN” in SMS Hospital premises.The​n Navjeevan and Dominos Pizza team members approached d​octors and nursing staff and gave them chocolate candies.

Members reached at statue circle and covered​ the circle with organ donation message banners and boards ​and chanted slogan “EK KHAMOSHI ANEK MUSKAN AAO KA​REIN ANGDAN” and motivated people​ to think  about organ donation.

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