February 11, 2020    
12:00 am

On 11th February 2020, MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum organized an awareness programme on organ donation, in association with Times of India at CRPF Ajmer GC-2 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. A Human Chain was formed during the event with the help of around 2000 CRPF Jawans and their families. Mr. P.C Jain delivered a talk on the subject of organ donation and transplantation and around 250 CRPF Jawans attended.


A video tribute to organ donors started off the session. Mr. Jain began his talk with the importance of blood and eye donation. He then spoke on the following topics in detail:

  • Organ failure and causes
  • Circulatory and brain death
  • Difference between brain death and coma
  • Types of donors
  • Organ and tissue donation while living and after death
  • How are the donated tissues used
  • Age criteria to donate organs
  • Importance of family consent in organ donation process
  • The organ donation process in hospital and Green Corridor
  • Transplantation of Human Organs Act
  • Myths and misconceptions around organ donation
  • Celebrities who have pledged their organs/tissues


He narrated a few donor stories and also played videos. A video where a donor family explains how they made the difficult decision was also played for the audience. The audience was very patient and listened to the entire talk carefully and asked questions throughout the session.


The audience commented that it was a very informative session that had clarity. MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum is thankful to CRPF Ajmer GC-2 for the opportunity.

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