September 27, 2021    
12:00 am

On 27th September 2021, MFJCF was invited to conduct an awareness talk on organ donation and transplantation for the doctors of Satellite Hospital in Bani Park Jaipur. Mrs. Amla Batra was the speaker during the occasion.


Mrs. Batra started the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and MFJCF. She then talked about the following:

  • Organ donation and its need
  • When and how does organ donation take place
  • Organs and tissues that can be donated during life and after death
  • Myths about organ donation
  • How to pledge to be an organ donor


After the presentation, a song, “Jeena isi ka naam hai” was played to motivate the doctors. The audience was very impressed with the talk and were highly motivated to support the cause. One of the doctors who was a kidney recipient talked about how transplant changed his life. Around 20 doctors attended the talk and 10 picked up donor cards.

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