January 14, 2017    
12:00 am

MFJCF- Navjeevan Team conducted an Awareness Talk On Organ Donation on 14-01-2016 at Rajasthan Swasthy Yog Parishad, Chaugaan Stadium, Jaipur. More than 70 people attended the talk.

Navjeevan s​pokesperson Mr. Govind Gurbani ​d​escribed the concept of Organ Donation and Brain Death and the need of organs across India.After the talk audience asked questions like


What is the m​inimum a​ge to become an Organ Donor?


How does your organization know that I am dead and you will approach to my family?


Is any medical examination done before pledging?


All queries were answered satisfactorily by the Govind Gurbani. All the 70 participants Came and got the photograph clicked with the message board “I SUPPORT ORGNA DONATION” and took the donor cards too.


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