August 17, 2016    
12:00 am

After an excellent Organ Donation Week, full of activities, Team Navjeevan added another wonderful Awareness Drive. An Awareness Seminar @ NW Railways H.Q. on 17th of Aug. by Navjeevan(MFJCF) Team. A.K. Sengar (CMD) NWR coordinated the activity.Chief Guest was Anil Singhal (GM)NWR .Dr. Manish Sharma, Nodal Officer (State Organ Transplant Program)


Described Organ Donation & Brain Death with the help of powerpoint presentation, Dr. Manish also described why should we increase organ donation and explained various ways by which ratio of organ donation can be increase. He also described the way of registration and allotment process of organs on RNOS.


Dr. Dhananjay Agarwal (Nephrologists) SMS differentiated Live Donation & Cardiac Donation and shared the number of patients country wide, who are in need of transplantation. Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan detailed the journey of Navjeevan and paid homage to donors through Donor stories. Naveen Kumar Meena’s Parents and brothers


Mr. Shankar Lal Meena, Ramjilal Meena, Bhupendra Meena,Radharani’s Uncle Mr.Dilip Sharma, Kamla Devi Uba’s Daughter Mrs. Renu Uba were present from Donor Families.


Mrs. Bhavna Jagwani, Convener, Navjeevan, Captain Amarjeet Sangwan, Mr. Ravi Kamra, Mr. Prajesh Taneja, Avinash Gautam, Roshan Bahadur from team Navjeevan attended the program.


Mrs. Bhavna Jagwani thanked Dr. A.K. Sengar for their invitation to Navjeevan for conducting an awareness seminar at NWR H.Q.On the completion of the program  Mr. A.K.Sengar thanked Navjeevan Team for organising this awareness activity at NWR H.Q. and committed to support Navjeevan in Organ Donation field.

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