August 12, 2017    
12:00 am


On  12.08.2017 MFJCF  Navjeevan team conducted an awareness talk on organ donation at NCC Complex,  J L N Road, Jaipur.


More than 500 NCC student cadets attended the session and got benefited Mrs. Ranju Jain and Mr. P.C Jain, Mrs.Renu Uba, Mr. Prajesh Taneja, Dr. Amla Batra,

​ ​

Mr Roshan Bahadur,  Mrs. Kamla Choudhary represented the  MFJCF team. Lieutenant Colonel Sadashiv Ghatge welcomed MFJCF Navjeevan team member and appreciated their efforts.


Navjeevan members described the concept of Organ Donation and brain death with the help of presentation and movie “PHIR ZINDA GI”

​ ​

The cadets  had the following queries during the session

1. Who declares d brain death?

2. What is the role of family members in organ donation?

3. Can we donate heart after death?


All the satisfactory answer were given by MFJCF Navjeevan members. After the progr am 300 students took the donor cards and posed with message board ” I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION”.

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