November 2, 2017    
12:00 am

Under the Gram Panchayat level organ donation awareness campaign, MFJCF- Navjeevan team conducted an awareness talk at Mahapura Panchayat to make villagers aware about the concept of organ donation and brain death on 2.11.2017.

Mr. Hanuman Sahay Jaat, Sarpanch and more than 400 village students and people attended the session.With the help of presentation and video MFJCF- Navjeevan members (Mrs. Kamla Chaudhari) described the details in organ donation and brain death, cases of donations in Jaipur.

During the session some questions asked and answered by the members were:

1.  How patient is declared to be dead when the heart is beating?

2.   Do we get money for organ donation?

50 donor cards took by the villagers at the end of session and some of them posed with message board “I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION”

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