April 23, 2018    
12:00 am

A programme in Panchayat Level organ donation awareness talk was conducted by MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Fourm- Navjeevan team on 23.04.2018 at Fatehpura Panchayat, Govindgarh, Jaipur to spared the message in villagers.

Mrs. Renu  Uba and Mr. Pavan Kumar  Dubey represented the MFJCF-Navjeevan team.

Mr. Omprakash Gurjar (Sarpanch) and Mr. Dawarika Prasad Yadav (General Secretary) welcomed MFJCF members and appreciated MFJCF’s efforts for organ donation in Rajasthan.

More than 25 villagers attended the session and the vital information about organ donation explained with the help of PPT and Videos.

During the session some questions were asked and answered by the team, like –

1. Why do we need to donate our organs?

2. I have heard that organs are selling in our country, is this true?

3. How can I add my known in the kidney waiting list for transplantation?

After the session 25 villagers took donor cards and posed with message board ”I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION” and promised to spread awareness amongst friends and family members.

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