June 11, 2018    
12:00 am

Dola ka Baas Panchayat villagers got the vital information about the noble cause organ donation through presentation and videos when team members (Colonel Lokesh Shukla and Mr. Pavan Kumar Dubey) of MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF)- Navjeevan met them at the Office of Dola ka Baas Panchayat, Govindgadh, Jaipur on 11.06.2018.

Ms. Neeru Meena (Sarpanch), Mr. Bhagwan Sahay Sahrma (Gram Sevak) and 20 villagers attended the session.

Colonel Lokesh Shukla delivered talk on behalf of MFJCF and covered following points: ​

1. Opt in Vs Opt out system in organ donation.

2. Reasons of brain death

3. Misconception about organ donation

4. Brief introduction of donors


Villagers asked some questions during the talk: ​

1. What should I do if my family member needs a Kidney?

2. Can I donate my one kidney to my friend?

3. Which organs can we donate after brain death?

4. Difference between cardiac and brain death?

All satisfactory answers were given by MJFCF members. After the end of the program all villagers picked donor cards and promised to spread awareness amongst friends and family number.

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