July 1, 2022    
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

The MFJCF Members and the members Rotary Club, Jaipur Organ Donation got together on 01 July at the Angdata Smarak early in the morning to pay homage to the donors and celebrate the launch of the first club on the cause. Enthused by the wonderful launch, the MFJCF members and Rotary members who had got together for Tea at Tapri Rooftop Restaurant after the tribute ceremony decided on an impromptu awareness and Outreach activity.

There was a crowd of around 50 people at Tapri amid the pleasant monsoon weather. Dr. Anita Hada, Project Director gave a short talk on Organ Donation and its need and invited everyone to sing and clap along paying homage to all Doctors who save lives on the occasion of National Doctor Day and also a heartful tribute to our Organ donors who have given life to so many people.

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