August 2, 2016    
12:00 am

On 2nd August 2016, MFJCF Team conducted an awareness session on organ donation at Urban Hub Situated at Lalkothi jaipur. More than 30 women got benefited with the talk. MFJCF spokesperson Dr Teena Sawhney elaborated the concept of deceased organ donation through a powerpoint presentation which was highly appreciated by the audience.

After the talk audience asked many questions like “How can we donate our organs? ”, “What is the difference between cardiac death and brain death? ”, “Is it necessary to take family consent on the time of organ retrieval?  ”, “Is organ of children transplanted to children only?” and all the satisfactory answers given by the spokesperson.

After the question answers session 30 women came ahead and took the donor cards and got the photograph clicked with the message board “I Support Organ Donation”.

Women from different social group promised to promulgate the information about organ donation.

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