January 17, 2015    
12:00 am

MFJCF Team members gave an awareness talk to Rotary Club Royal. Mayor of Jaipur Mr. Nirmal Nahata was the Chief Guest at the function which was held at Rotary Bhavan, Jaipur on January 17th, 2015 8 p.m.


Speakers from MFJCF included Ravi Kamra, Dr. Sanjana Bhojwani and Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan and the topics covered in the talk were – Need for Organ Donation, Brain Death, Why be a donor-etc. The presentation was keenly received. Most of the members requested for time to think as it was a new concept and the President of the Club Mr. Gupta requested team MFJCF for another interaction with the members soon once they have thought about the idea of Organ Donation.


Mayor Nahata complimented Team MFJCF on its initiative and promised all support. He also commented on the great need for awareness for this and said these kind of presentations by MFJCF team should be held for different groups of people on regular basis.


Queries by the participants:

• What is brain death

• What will be the time of actual death in case of brain death

• When are organs retrieved


Around 150 people participated in the program.

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