May 22, 2017    
12:00 am

On 22-05-2017 MFJCF- Navjeevan team conducted an Awareness Activity on Organ Donation at Sindhi Camp Bus Stand. 3 members (Dr. Amla Batra, P.C Jain and Roshan Bahadur) fro​m MFJCF- Navjeevan team along with 7 students of class 10th and 12th pasted​ the Organ Donation Message Sticker on Rajasthan Roadways Buses.


Mr. Kailash Badaya, Chief Manager Central Bus Stand, Sindhi Camp welcomed MEJCF members and provided manpower for the work.


Students made pair at entry and exit gate of bus stand and pasted​ 4 stickers in each bus, 150 buses of different areas of Rajasthan were covered during the activity.


Every day lakhs of people travel in Rajasthan Roadways Buses so putting Organ Donation awareness sticker on buses is a form of mass public outreach. Passengers would be self motivated to see the stickers and surely they will play important role in organ donation.


After the awareness activity Mr. Kailash Badaya posed with the Message Boar​d “I SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION” and took a picture.  He also requested Navjeevan team for Next visit

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