January 14, 2023    
9:15 am - 9:45 am

MFJCF-sponsored program on organ donation for villages was broadcast on 101.2 AIR. All India Radio’s program for villages, Gram Bhartifeatures discussions on various social, cultural, economic and agricultural topics in the local Rajasthani language. AIR has almost 5000 live listeners via its mobile app, and via radio, it covers 70% area of Rajasthan accounting for more than 50,000 live listeners.

The broadcast was on 07th January 2023 at 9:15 Am- 9:45 Am featured Govind Gurbani Ji as the guest speaker. He answered various questions related to organ donation, including:

How to Pledge for organ Donation?

  1. What is tissue donation ?
  2. What is organ donation ?
  3. How can we pledge for eye donation , skin donation and organ donation ?
  4. Why should we keep organ donor card with us / or save on phone ?
  5. Can we also pledge online ?
  6. There is some reference to pledging for organ donation through driving license , please tell us ?
  7. Why is it important and necessary to inform next of kin for organ donation ?
  8. Do we need to register for tissue and organ onation with different organization ?
  9. If I change my mind , after pledging what should I do ?
  10. If there any number we can call for more information or pledging ?


Towards the end, Govind Gurbani Ji encouraged the audience to talk about and pledge for the organ donation with their family and friends and support the cause and request the listeners to save the toll free number 1800-103-7100.

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