May 28, 2015    
12:00 am

Organ Donation is a burning issue in most of the countries including the most prosperous the USA. Indeed, there are countries like France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Singapore where ‘presumed consent’ the assumption that every person who dies is automatically an organ donor, unless otherwise stated is the rule practiced. There is immense ignorance, confusion, conflict and indeed prejudice in this regard.

To attend to these and many other grey areas in the mind of the man on the street, IMA Mount Abu, in association with MOHAN Foundation, Global Hospital, Rotary Club of Mount Abu and Mount Regency Hotel, held an awareness and sensitization seminar on the burning issue of Organ Donation. IMA member Dr. Somendra Sharma, the consultant surgeon at Global hospital Mount Abu took the floor, together with Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan, Ms. Bhavna Jagwani, and Mrs. Hema Shah from Mohan Foundation, Jaipur pooled in their expertise to educate the august audience of Mount Abu. Dr Sharma set the ball rolling for the serious deliberation. Dr. Sangwan and Ms. Jagwani brilliantly, lucidly presented graphically the concepts of organ donation.

The seminar was attended by virtually the entire who’s who of the petite hill resort that included the Indian Army, CRPF, Bharat Scout, Hotel Association, Rotary Club of Mount Abu, Lions Club of Mount Abu, various schools and many more. The queries from the august gathering were an eye opener. They were appropriately answered by Dr. Sangwan et al, with the fullest satisfaction of the seeker. It must be mentioned that the domino effect of the deliberation was not far to see.

Munificent souls came forward to pledge their bodies for the cause. The first t0 come was Tanay Agarwal followed by Mr. Harjeet Singh Gujral. D. S. Bhatt of Gujarat Circuit House Mount Abu had already set the ball rolling as his generous father had given his body for the cause. Dr. Pratap Middha, the president of IMA Mount Abu thanked all from the bottom of his heart for being part of the much needed awareness deliberation on Organ Donation. It must be mentioned that Dr. Sangwan charged the gathering with fervor to become donors after she narrated the great stories of the munificent donors who recently donated their organs on their brain death and gave life to many more.

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