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The Organ Donor Card acts as a document that would help you express your willingness to be an organ donor after death, similar to making a will.

By signing the ‘Donor Card’ you have pledged to donate your organs after your death.

What to do next?

  • Keep the Donor Card with you at all times, in your purse or wallet
  • Inform your close relatives about your wish to be an organ donor
  • The Donor Card also serves as an emergency card as it has the name and number of your emergency contact

What you must know about the Organ Donor Card?

  • Organ Donation can happen only after death and does not carry any financial rewards
  • Organ Donor Card is not a living donor card; there are no living donor cards

Printing the Donor Card
A printable format of the Donor Card is provided in English.


Note: The information which you are entering in the above form is confidential and will be used only for purpose of organ donation and transplant processes and will not be shared/used for any other purpose.


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